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Teaching in English with a Multilingual, Multicultural Student Body

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Modul II, Themenbereich 1 (FR-14-15)

  • Themenbereich 1
  • Modul II
  • Workshop
Wann 15.05.2014 09:00 bis
16.05.2014 17:00
Wo Universität Freiburg
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More and more teachers are having to communicate their expertise in English to a large, diverse student body. This multilingual, multicultural classroom poses not only great opportunities but challenges and questions as well.

Therefore, this workshop will address your questions while fine tuning language skills and also exploring effective strategies for these classrooms. We will discuss English Medium Instruction (EMI) environments and their impact on teachers and students. We will be looking at some best practice strategies and effective language for teaching in English, in order to explore the role of lectures compared to student centered approaches as well as time required and amount of content to be reasonably covered in an EMI environment.

In this workshop you will learn to identify potential language and cultural stumbling blocks, to include pedagogical strategies and effective language techniques in your teaching in the multilingual, multicultural classroom and to use methods to evaluate and continuously monitor your English language skills for teaching.

In the spirit of communicative English, the workshop will be geared towards group work. There will be videos and presentations followed by group work and discussions. Most importantly, you will be working together in small groups throughout the two days, culminating in your mock teaching exercises with peer participation and feedback. The mock teaching exercises can be video-recorded for future reference.

You are teaching/will have to teach content specific subjects in English to a mutlicultural, multilingual student body. A minimum language competence level of B2 is required for successful participation in the workshop. Those unsure on this point should contact the Abteilung Hochschuldidaktik.

Referent: Gregg Dubow & Susanne Gundermann

Termine: Do/Fr, 15./16. Mai 2014

Umfang: 2 Tage (jeweils ganztätig)

Anmeldung: Hier geht es zur Anmeldung unter Auswahl der Veranstaltung und Angabe Ihrer Kontaktdaten.

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