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Ready, Set, Teach: How to Engage Students

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Modul II, Themenbereich 4

  • Modul II
  • Workshop
  • Themenbereich 4
Wann 06.12.2024
von 10:00 bis 14:00
Wo Universität Freiburg
Kontakttelefon 0761-203-2451
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Instructors are experts in their fields, but not necessarily have they learned how to teach. Some people think great teachers are born, not made; this is an unfortunate misconception. Anyone can learn how to be an engaging and inspiring instructor. This course aims to give you the most helpful tools for bringing your teaching to the next level – whether you are an absolute novice or already have some teaching experience.

This course will give you a broad toolbox for motivating and activating students. You will learn when students are motivated and what a wide palette of possibilities there is when it comes to activating and motivating students. Engaging students requires building a good relationship to them, giving them a “why” for everything you do, and activating them with purposeful, clear assignments. There is no one correct way to engage students – instead, you can choose methods that work for you and your students.

In this course, we will meet for half a day in a virtual conference and work through the most important theories on this topic, focussing mainly on their relevance for the practice of teaching online and offline. No matter your background, no matter what kind of course you will teach, you should walk away from this course with concrete new ideas for engaging your students.

  • Where does motivation come from?
  • How to plan an engaging unit
  • Dealing with resistance and disengagement
  • Methods for activating students online and offline
  • Building good relationships with students


Participants foster trust and positive regard in their relationships with students; they help students understand why the subject matter is relevant; and they can name, choose and apply a variety of fitting methods in order to regularly activate and engage their students.

The only prerequisites are the ability to participate in an online workshop (microphone, internet connection etc.) and an interest in teaching.


Referent/in Nina Bach
 Friday, 06.12.2024, 10-14 h
Format Online
Umfang0,5 day / 4 LU
Synchrone Phasen 06.12.2024, 10-14 h
OrtUniversität Freiburg


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